Thinking Outside The Church: 110 Ways to Connect with Your Spiritual Nature


Thinking Outside the Church examines 100 ways people connect with their spirituality. It does not seek to supplant the religious feeling many people experience inside a church, but seeks instead to supplement that experience by suggesting a more expansive view of spirituality. In this view, the world and our activities outside the church are also seen as the sites and rites of worship and spiritual practice, as ways of connecting with our personal vision or version of the sacred.From art, nature, and dreams to dancing, traveling, and parenting, Jennifer Leigh Selig points readers toward the potential and the power present in diverse pathways that may not traditionally be seen as religious or spiritual. In addition to her own thoughtful introductions, Selig collects quotes that span cultures, time periods, religions, and wisdom traditions, each testifying to the universality of seeking the spiritual by Thinking Outside the Church.

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