Playful Psyche Jugian Odyssey VIV


This volume of essays ensues from the 6th Jungian Odyssey retreat, held at the historic Monte Verità-the Mountain of Truth-in the Canton of Ticino in the southern Swiss Alps. The authors are training analysts and scholarly guests of the International School of Analytical Psychology Zürich. The modern history of Monte Verità began in 1899 when a group of anarchists settled in this rugged terrain, vowing to re-discover "humanity's harmony with nature" and "the unity of body, soul, intellect." In time this mountain of truth emerged as a magnet for many dancers, artists, and thinkers-among them C.G. Jung himself. Carrying forward the spirit of the place, the authors of this volume observe the psyche at play in wide-ranging fields that stretch from the science laboratory to the analytic consulting room-from physics and mathematics to collective and personal catastrophe, to synchronicity, symptom, art, song, dream, myth, and the experiencing body. These seemingly far-flung contributions join in a vital persuasion: The playful psyche draws us into the "chaos of chance" and "wondrous mischance" with purpose-namely to imbue life with new meaning. The creative challenge for the ego and individuation is to sustain being at the threshold of the conscious and unconscious-or to dwell at "the edge between chaos and order, where the dance of life takes place." (I Ching)

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