Living with Jung: Enterviews with Jungian Analysts, Volume 3

Living with Jung: Enterviews with Jungian Analysts, Volume 3

In this volume, Robert and Janis Henderson continue the project they began in volumes 1 and 2, recording their conversations with eighteen leading Jungian analysts for future generations. All the analysts interviewed have been inspired by Jung's example to wrestle with their lives and discover their own truth, as he did. In these ""enterviews,"" they share what they have discovered, going beyond Jungian theory to reveal what Jung’s ideas have meant in their own lives and in their practice as Jungian analysts. The enterviews take the form of free-ranging conversations that cover a wide variety of topics, including spirituality, suffering, women’s issues, God, technology, the soul, the Internet, the feminine, cancer, the I Ching, dreams, addiction, mind-body, active imagination, and C. G. Jung and his family. For Jungians and interested non-Jungians alike, this is a rich repository of information about the Jungian world, never before brought together in one place.