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Despite the growing interest in Jungian approaches to curriculum and instruction, there has yet to be an English text dealing with this subject until now. Here, author Clifford Mayes offers his unique perspective on how Jungian ideas and techniques for psycho-spiritual discovery and growth play out concretely in a wide variety of educational contexts. In this book, he draws together over seven years of research to extensively and systematically outline the educational consequences of Jungian psychology. Jung and Education: -Details the psychology of C.G. Jung -Provides abundant examples and quotes from Jung himself -Explains the central concepts in Jungian psychology -Examines the archetypal nature of the student-teacher relationship -Exams the "eight pillars" of a Jungian theory of education -Provides examples of "archetypal reflectivity" in action in which the teacher reflects upon his/her sense of calling and classroom practices in archetypal terms Teachers and teacher educators at the undergraduate and graduate levels in courses in methodology, social history of education, and educational psychology should use this book.

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