Jung in the Academy and Beyond The Fordham Lectures 100 Years Later

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C. G. Jung delivered a ground-breaking and influential series of lectures at Fordham University in 1912. In many ways, the lectures laid out the future development of his work as well as his movement away from Freud. Fordham University, in collaboration with the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association of New York, honored the 1912 Jung lectures with a conference that sought to locate Jung in the Academy and beyond-in the years when the lectures were delivered and published, in today's academic and clinical world, and into the future, with speculations and insights into the trends of psychological and scientific research and understanding. This book is an expanded proceedings of this conference, and gives us hope-hope that Jungian thought is alive in the Academy, where both will find enrichment, hope that the misunderstandings and old wounds within the depth psychological world may finally be healed, and hope for even more fruitful conversation among current scientific explorations, theological reflections, political concerns, and analytical psychology.

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