Imaginal Remembering: Our Soul's Journey Through Memory and Imagination

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Do you ever wonder why people remember shared past events differently? Have you ever been astonished by a memory that suddenly appears, with vivid detail, in your mind's eye? Rather than accepting memories as fixed reruns of prior life experiences, Daphne Dodson suggests we open ourselves to the notion that memories are imagistic expressions of the psyche that may offer much wisdom. In this book, you will... Explore how our memories are formed and informed by our imaginations. Meet eight people who engaged with their memories imaginally and found gifts of healing and creativity. Discover how imaginal remembering may enable you to gaze upon the images of your memories with renewed wonder and receptivity. Learn the principles and processes of imaginal remembering so you can practice it on your own and/or with a friend or guide. "Daphne Dodson's work on the autonomy of living memory images and imaginal remembering is a breakthrough in our approach to memory. Her stories are captivating. I heartily recommend this book." Lionel Corbett, M.D. author of "Psyche and the Sacred: Spirituality Beyond Religion"

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