Father's Daughters: Breaking the Ties That Bind

Father's Daughters: Breaking the Ties That Bind

The most complex and unexplored relationship in a woman's life is with her father. If their bond is close, she is referred to as "Daddy's little girl." As cute as that may sound in childhood, a "father's daughter" later pays a high price for her favored status. In order to sustain his approval, protection, and love, she often distances herself from her mother and rejects her own feminine nature. By identifying solely with her father, her development as a woman is arrested in daughterhood.
In this unique and fascinating look at a pervasive personal and cultural issue, family therapist Maureen Murdock at last reveals the unspoken truth about daughters and the immense power the fathers they idealize have over them. Fathers' Daughters explores how these exclusive relationships affect every aspect of a woman's life. While fathers' daughters are often high achievers in the outside world, their denial of their innate feminine nature wreaks havoc on other aspects of their lives--from fearing commitment to recklessly choosing a mate, among a host of other personal and professional problems.
With revealing case studies and an exploration of the hidden truth in myths, dreams, and fairy tales, Fathers' Daughters makes clear that the rewards for healing the father-daughter relationship are great--as a woman will learn to take herself seriously, reclaim the authority she projects onto men, and establish a healthy, balanced sense of herself as a woman.
"Murdock offers a rich and thoughtful analysis forged in the fires of her own suffering and growth. The urgent need to discover deeper feminine values and to challenge the rigid and possessive qualities of patriarchy belongs to the psychologyof all of us."
--Suzanne Wagner, Ph.D.
Jungian Analyst
Producer of "A Matter of Heart"
"A moving exploration of the feminine journey from father's daughter to peer. Murdock guides us through uncharted territory to find, within the shadow of our fathers' influence, a female vision that is powerful and nurturing. Groundbreaking and dynamic, Fathers' Daughters invites us not only to heal the father-daughter wounds, but also to build our own distinctly feminine futures."
--Brenda Peterson
Author of Nature and Other Mothers

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