Evolving God-Images Essays on Religion Individuation and Postmodern Spirituality


This collection of reflective essays explores spirituality and its changing relationship to culture, individual identity, and society in our increasingly globalized, postmodern world. Born out of a doctoral seminar at Pacifica Graduate Institute entitled The God Complex, the essays provide a personal understanding of diverse and conflicting worldviews and attitudes about religion, secularity, nature, and the purpose of human existence. With a rich range of perspectives, each offering provides a powerful testament to the interdisciplinary study of myth, religion, and depth psychology as a means for revisioning one understands of the divine.

Praise for Evolving God-Images

A deeply moving example of what can happen in the classroom when, almost magically, the professor's wisdom and enthusiasm, the archetypal power of the subject matter itself, and the openness of the students converge.

Dr. Christine Downing, author of The Goddess: Mythological Images of the Feminine and Gods in Our Midst: Mythological Images of the Masculine
A marvelous and unique collection of essays devoted to re-visioning conceptions of divinity.

Dr. Evans Lansing Smith, author of Sacred Mysteries: Myths About Couples in Quest

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