Climates of Change Conference Recording

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Welcome and Opening Remarks - Stephen Aizenstat

Touching the Soul of the World - Michael Meade

Practicing the Therapy of Ideas in a Troubled World - Joseph Cambray and Edward Casey

Soul as an Aesthetic of Absense - Patricia Berry

Changing the Climates of Education: The Economics of Sitting, Standing, and Learning - David Miller

Wages of Rebellion - Chris Hedges

A Traditional View of Nature and It's Transformation: Lessons of the 2011 Earthquake in Japan - Toshio Kawai

A Kairos Moment in an Archetypal Cosmos - Richard Tarnas

Re-Imagining Economics: A Therapy of Foundational Economic Metaphors - Per Epsen Stoknes

Animus Mundi: The Spirituality of the World - Thomas Moore

Psychosocial and Earth Accompaniment and the Creation of the Commons - Mary Watkins

Healing: From the Self to the Planet - Vandana Shiva