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attitude reconstruction a blueprint for building a better life

attitude reconstruction a blueprint for building a better life

What if someone told you that you could discover the source of all your problems and address them head on in fewer than five minutes a day? How about if they told you that reconstructing your attitude would actually change your life? Jude Bijou's comprehensive blueprint will teach you to:

cope with family members' unsolicited advice

cure indecision with your intuition

deal with fear by expressing it physically

create closeness by truly talking and listening

improve your social life

increase staff morale in just five minutes a day

handle sarcasm by visualizing it flying by

carve out more time for yourself by clarifying your priorities

ask for a raise and get it

stop fighting via two easy steps

cure kids' tantrums constructively

You can integrate Attitude Reconstruction into your daily routine, regardless of your spiritual path, cultural background, age, or education. With practical tools and real-life examples, this book can help you stop settling for sadness,

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