Following the Reindeer Woman - Path of Peace and Harmony


Drawing upon myths, dreams, stories, and film, bestselling author Linda Leonard explores the reindeer as an archetype of feminine energy and as a symbol that can inspire both men and women in their spiritual development and serve as an image of hope, peace, and harmony in the ecologically dark times in which we now live. She takes readers with her on her luminous pilgrimage through Siberia, Lapland and Alaska, where reindeer are messengers between heaven and earth, bridges between spirit and nature, and gives us a map of the sacred, nourishing us with unforgettable ideas and inspiration.


Animal Guides: In Life, Myth and Dreams


Ever since Paleolithic people learned to draw animal forms on the walls of caves, we human have shown a mixed reaction to the animal world On the one hand we have worshiped animals as if they were gods, and on the other treated them as personal possessions to be loved and cared for.

Neil Russack has given us a beautiful and moving narrative of his experience of animals-dogs, waterbirds, deer, whales, snakes, elephants, elk, geese, frogs, dolphins, horses & many more-teasing out their psychological meaning through the use of mythology, poetry, dreams and case materials.

In harmony with Jung's theory of the collective unconscious, he places his animals each in an archetypal setting represented by the traditional four elements is made possible by another archetype, which is the initiatory act of going into the unconscious.

CONTENTS: 1) Isolation & Alienation 2) Animal Healing (Soul, Energy, Guardian, Body & Guide) 3) Through the Gate of the Snake 4) Initiation by Water (Octopus & Spiral * Waterbird *Geese * Duck, Goose & Heron * Frog * Dolphins * Whales 5) Initiation by Earth (Elephants * Deer & Elk * Boar * Horses) 6) Initiation by Fire (Imagination and Transcendence * Fire Dragon & Unicorn * Death Dragon * The Phoenix & the 1995 Pt. Reyes Fire * Guerranero, Dream Animal * Osprey * Owl 7) Returning Home (Town, Nature, the Human World * Animals in My Office)


Animal Presences, Uniform Edition, Volume 9


Since the 1980s James Hillman, the best-selling author and founder of

Archetypal Psychology has written and lectured extensively on the

presence of animals in our conscious and unconscious lives. Volume 9

of the Uniform Edition of the Writings of James Hillman unites, for

the first time, his papers and lectures on the subjects of animals,

including "Animal Kingdom in the Human Dream" (1982), "Dream

Animals" (1997), "Culture and the Animal Soul" (1994/1997), and

"Learning from Animals" (1999).