Archetypal Reflections: Insights and Ideas from Jungian Psychology


In this book, Keiron Le Grice shares his expertise and experience in the field of depth psychology. Adapted from his teaching in the Jungian and Archetypal Studies program at Pacifica Graduate Institute, California, Archetypal Reflections provides concise analyses and explanations on a wide range of topics, focusing on the work of C. G. Jung and other influential figures such as Nietzsche, Freud, Campbell, and Hillman.

Skillfully illuminating Jung's theories of archetypes, individuation, the Self, and synchronicity, Le Grice also explores a number of topics of critical significance for the spiritual challenges of our time, such as the role of the unconscious and myth in modern culture, the evolution of consciousness and civilization, the quest for spiritual meaning in a secular age, and the intersection of depth psychology and the new sciences.

The primary concern throughout is the capacity of depth psychology to inform and transform our worldview, addressing the question of how we might find greater meaning and spiritual fulfillment in life. Le Grice aims to show how Jungian ideas might provide a source of deep wisdom to inform the inner journey and help us to better understand our place in the larger scheme of things.

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