Annie Sullivan and the Creation of Consciousness: A Cinematic Exploration of the Archetypal Field of Transformation

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Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller, their lives are the stuff of myth and legend. In the spring of 1887, the 20 year old Annie did the impossible, she was able free this young old "phantom" from the dark and silent prison that Helen had been sentenced to since she was 20 months old. It took just Annie 32 days to accomplish this miracle. The Miracle Worker, William Gibson's stage and screen love letter to the teaching profession, immortalized their story, which culminated in the iconic moment at the pump, where consciousness was created. This classic film is perfect canvas on which to explore the archetypal field of transformation. The Miracle Worker brilliantly shows us the different archetypal landscapes that Annie and Helen traversed on their journey to consciousness. These heroines have gone before us, and we can learn from their story. Annie Sullivan and the Creation of Consciousness allows us to join them on their quest. By watching this eternally returning universal pattern play out in the brilliant, award winning performances of Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke, we can better learn to navigate change in our own lives. "Consciousness" means knowing with, their story is a map for this amazing journey. By looking more deeply at change, we can transform our lives. Annie can teach us, too. Annie and the Creation of Consciousness helps us to understand the archetypal process of transformation, so that we can apply this knowledge in our own lives. Instead of being at the mercy of the winds of change, we can harness their power and help ourselves and those we care about to lead more effective lives.

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