Alchemy of Food

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Do you long to have a healthy and satisfying relationship with food? Do body image, weight control, unhealthy eating habits have you feeling depressed and disconnected from leading a full and contented life? Discover how you can let go of perceptions and beliefs surrounding food and create new rituals and attitudes that will add soul and meaning to your existence. Nutritionist and Depth Psychologist Susan Lee Guadarrama, Ph.D. compares the 7 steps of alchemy with the stages of the food cycle. She will take you on an exploration into the inner recesses of your mind to reveal your true feelings, beliefs, and attitudes toward food and explain how technology and our culture influence our thinking. Finally, she offers a fascinating guide in how to make wise food choices and explains the importance of proper preparation, cooking, and eating that can literally change your life. The Alchemy of Food is a complete education as it leads readers on an alchemical quest for wholeness through a transformation of attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs once held sacred. Start living a life where food brings us once again soulful nourishment on all levels: physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual.

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